The UDS Mapper is celebrating 10 years of service in 2020

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What’s New

Upload Your Own Data

As of September 2020

Now, in addition to adding your own point level data, you can use the improved Map My Data tool to add data to display rates or counts for states, counties, ZCTAs and more.

Remove ZCTAs from Data Table

As of September 2020

Frustrated when you find an errant ZCTA on your data table?  Now you can remove it directly from the data table rather than going back to the map.

New Population Data

As of September 2020

Find new population-level data in the Main Maps tool and in the Data Table.  Additions include new race and ethnicity categories, veteran status, and school-aged (5-18) children data.

Updated Patient Data

As of September 2020

The UDS Mapper is now showing data from the 2019 Uniform Data System (UDS). These data are found throughout the UDS Mapper. Log in to the UDS Mapper to explore these new data.

New Basemap

As of September 2020

The UDS Mapper is pleased to announce a new, plain basemap  to allow you to start with a blank canvas when crafting your map. This basemap is gray and has no place labels.

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