Data Sources:

2019 Flu Vaccination: Uniform Data System (Table 6A, Line 24a –  Seasonal Flu Vaccine).  See:

2020 Flu Vaccination:  Voluntary, weekly, health center responses to surveys administered by the Bureau of Primary Health Care.  See:


2020 data were reported cumulatively through 10/23 and weekly in subsequent weeks; totals shown consist of the 10/23 cumulative data in addition to each subsequent week’s data.

Race/ ethnicity breakdowns are not available in the 2019 data.

Race/ ethnicity breakdowns were not available in the 2020 data until November 13; therefore, race/ethnicity totals do not equal total vaccinations.

Calculations compare 2020/2021 total vaccinations compares to 2019 total vaccinations.  For both states and health centers, the formula for these calculations is 2020 Flu Vaccinations/ 2019 Flu Vaccinations.