HealthLandscape is an innovation and enterprise of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) specializing in geospatial analysis, web GIS application design, statistical analysis, and community research.  HealthLandscape conducts research on a wide range of health-related areas including health centers, social determinants of health, hot/cold/bright spot analysis, social deprivation indices, small area health outcome estimates, global health, health equity, income inequality, medication-assisted treatment, education disparities, and others. and related web applications highlighted below, bring together a wide range of health, demographic, socioeconomic, and environmental information in a convenient, central location to help answer questions about and improve health and health care. is a suite of data visualization tools that helps you find insights to improve health care. HealthLandscape is an interactive web-based mapping tool that allows users to combine, analyze and display information in ways that promote better understanding of health and the forces that affect it.   Visit

The AMA Health Workforce Mapper is a free, customizable, interactive tool that illustrates the geographic distribution of the health care workforce. It gives you the data needed to help ensure our country’s patients have access to health care. Whether looking at a state, county, or metropolitan area, users can filter physicians and non-physician health care professionals by specialty and employment setting. Go to the AMA Health Workforce Mapper

The HealthLandscape COVID-19 Mapping tools can help states and metropolitan areas identify high risk populations for severe illness from COVID-19. Users can display high risk counties or ZIP Codes for each state by layering risk factors such as diabetes and asthma with demographic and race and ethnicity data. Users can also explore relationships between risk factors, the number of COVID-19 cases, and social determinants of health. Try our Coronavirus Mapping Tools

The Population Health Profiler allows users to upload aggregate counts of patients at the ZIP Code level, allowing providers, clinics, or other researchers to visualize their patient population. The Profile tool creates a service area map, while also linking the ZIP Codes to dozens of health and social determinants of health measures. Users can then explore the community characteristics of their service area and compare patient populations to the overall community.  Explore the Population Health Profiler

The Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Quality Explorer is an interactive mapping tool that presents data for ACOs taking part in the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Users can visualize quality metrics across five domains, compared against benchmarks set by CMS. Users immediately see whether an ACO is above, within range, or below quality benchmarks, designated by green (above), yellow (within range), or red (below) circles displayed on a map.  The ACO Explorer can be found here

The Children’s Health and Education Mapping Tool allows users to harness the power of geographic information systems (GIS) for data-driven decision-making. County-level data can be searched, mapped, downloaded, and compared, and high need areas can be identified. Schools and school-based health centers (SBHCs) can be mapped, filtered, and key characteristics can be displayed. Developed in collaboration with the School Based Health Alliance (SBHA).

Find the tool on SBHA’s website