Find the slides we use during the webinars and a variety of how-to materials to help you use the UDS Mapper! Use these resources to teach yourself how to use the UDS Mapper at your own pace. 

UDS Mapper webinars

The files in the table below are from live airings of the UDS Mapper webinars. All webinars are recorded but the materials from the webinar that had the best recording are provided below as long as an older recording’s materials are still relevant. Each webinar includes a PDF of the slides used, the video of the webinar, and a file that can be used to view captions from the webinar. Any datasets that were used to show the functionality of a tool during the webinar are also included so that you can follow along with the steps in the slides and see the format of the files necessary to do this work on your own.

TitleDateSlidesVideoCaptionsSupporting Materials
Introduction to the UDS Mapper 10/1/2020
Assessing Your Community11/6/2020
Create Service Area Maps10/23/2020
Data Resources in the UDS Mapper7/28/2020
Food Insecurity and Opportunities for Health Centers9/23/2020Download PDF fileDownload MP4 fileDownload SRT captions fileDownload ZIP file
Geographic and Data Concepts Important for Population Health12/16/2020
Identifying Opioid Intervention Opportunities2/13/2020
New Features in the UDS Mapper9/17/2020Download PDF fileDownload MP4 fileDownload SRT captions fileDownload ZIP file
Using the UDS Mapper for Research3/25/2020
Using the UDS Mapper for Rural Areas11/23/2020
Using the UDS Mapper for Tobacco Cessation9/20/2019
Using the UDS Mapper to Understand Social Determinants of Health Issues for Health Center Patients4/16/2020

Self-Guided LEarning Files

The files below highlight general information about the UDS Mapper and detailed “how-to” walkthroughs for all the tools of the UDS Mapper. Each file is a set of slides in PDF () format.

About the UDS Mapper

What is the UDS Mapper?
Data in the UDS Mapper
Limitations to the Data in the UDS Mapper


Access the UDS Mapper
Reset Your Forgotten Password
Navigate to a Location on the Map
Use the ZIP Code to ZCTA Crosswalk

Tool Box Tools

Use the Service Area Map Wizard
Use the Explore Service Area Tool: By Geography
Use the Explore Service Area Tool: By Patient Origin
Use the Explore Service Area Tool: By Distance
Add Health Related Facilities to the Map and Create a Report
Use the Main Maps Tool
Change the Background and Add Boundaries
Use the Population Indicators Tool
Use the Map My Data Tool to Upload Your Own Address Data
How to Use MAP for MAT Tools in the UDS Mapper

Tool Kit Functionality

Draw Your Own Points, Lines, Shapes, and Labels
Share, Save, or Print Maps and Data
Use the Data Table

Specific Use Cases

These use cases are periodically developed to show how to use the UDS Mapper for activities where the UDS Mapper is highly recommended as a tool to complete a project.

Create a Service Area Map and Data Table
Quick Start Guide for Service Area Maps