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These live learning events are the best ways to learn how to properly and effectively use the UDS Mapper. View our list of upcoming webinars and presentations, and sign up for one today.

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Find the slides we use during the webinars and a variety of how-to materials to help you use the UDS Mapper! Use these resources to teach yourself how to use the UDS Mapper at your own pace. 

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Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains FAQs, a Glossary of terms used within the website, and Data Definitions. Type a keyword or phrase into the search bar to find related articles. 

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Benchmarks for Population Indicators

It is recommended that users choose published benchmarks when adjusting the thresholds in the Population Indicators and MAP for MAT Indicators tools. Find state benchmarks tables here. 

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ZIP Code to ZCTA Crosswalk

ZIP Codes and ZCTAs do not always perfectly align. To help you find the corresponding ZCTA for a given ZIP Code, we update this crosswalk annually to match patient data from the Uniform Data System. 

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Data Update Schedule

The various data sources in the UDS Mapper update on different schedules. Find the overall data update schedule in this section. Information about individual data points can be found in the Knowledge Base. 

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Articles and References

View our list of relevant articles and references on community health centers and using GIS to improve community health. 

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