ZIP Codes and ZCTAs do not always perfectly align. To help you find out which ZCTA a ZIP Code has been assigned to, this crosswalk is updated annually to match patient data from the Uniform Data System. 

Below is the crosswalk that is currently being used for data from the 2020 UDS report, patients by ZIP Code table to convert those ZIP Codes to ZCTAs. The U.S. Census Bureau creates ZCTAs but does not release an official crosswalk between ZIP Codes and ZCTAs. ZCTAs may be comprised of one or more ZIP Codes. ZCTAs are not an exact geographic match to ZIP Codes and therefore we are providing this list to allow you to see where data from a certain ZIP Code will be displayed on the UDS Mapper. It is important to remember that the ZIP Code listed by a health center in their UDS report may be different from the ZCTA used on the UDS Mapper so please use this list to identify where your ZIP Code data are being displayed.

Download the ZIP Code to ZCTA Crosswalk for the 2020 UDS report data




ZIP TypeDefinition
ZIP Code AreaZIP Code Areas are typical ZIP Codes without any special designation.
Post Office or large volume customerPost Offices or large volume customers typically occupy a very small geography and have few residential addresses located within them.

ZIP Code to ZCTA Crosswalk Table developed by John Snow, Inc. (JSI) for use with UDS Service Area data. Not an official USPS or U.S. Census Bureau product.

P.O. Box and large volume customer ZIP Codes may not correspond to residence location of census population using that ZIP Code- use with caution!

If you have any questions or concerns about this crosswalk, please Contact Us.